• About Us

    Seven genretion, So many names but one surname " Tailor " I have got this surname with needle and thread from my ancestors.

    Born to Tailor is the fortuner when it comes to the quality and customer service. We deem in delivering extraordinary product at an affordable price.

    Our every suit offers a modern cut, made using old hand tailoring techniques and delivered with a personal touch.

    We are trained in the art of measurement and equipped with knowledge of coordinating each individual's wardrobe in accordance to their unique color palettes, height, weight and professional standing in their workplace.

    We like to keep things simple, operating from a small but warm premise in the Surat with our trained tailors and finishers. You may come to us or we will bring the collection to your office or home to view in private.

    The only downside to our quality and service is that it is ADDICTIVE.